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A Startled Princess by Dansenhedgehog A Startled Princess by Dansenhedgehog
As explained in Hard Rock's Bio, ( Harmonia is quite wary of Hard Rock, and often tries to avoid him. He really wants to spend time with her (and he also kinda has a slight crush on her too) hence he often comes to the castle to try and see her.
Background comes from here:
There was a familiar knocking on the door of the castle, Twilight walked to the door and opens it to find a familiar face.
"Why hello Hard Rock! How are you doing?" Twilight asks with a warm smile. This is the fourth time this week he's come over Twilight thinks to herself, despite the fact that her daughter has insisted to not let him in she really doesn't understand why. Hard Rock is a kind colt, why one time he even brought lovely flowers with him! We had those flowers at our dinner table for over a week! Discord loved them so much that he planted them in the garden. Harmonia just might be feeling shy, what a silly-filly she is. She then realizes that she has been standing there in thought for a couple seconds in silence to her self.
"I'm great! Is Harmonia home?" Hard Rock responds completely ignoring the fact that Twilight was in no way speaking to him.
"Yes she is, would you like me to lead you to where she is?" The princess asks pointing her wing within the castle.
"No thanks, I wanna surprise her! Thanks Princess Twilight!" The young colt said running into the castle. Hard Rock journeyed into the castle and ran through the maze of the twinkly shiny halls as if he'd been living there his entire life. He ran until he reached a hallway, one where the light seeps in the crystals glimmer and shine in the most beautiful way which is why it's Harmonia's favorite hallway. Hard Rock stared in awe as the sun hit Harmonia face and how beautiful she looked staring off into the horizon, the breeze blowing in her hair. In his excitement in awe he runs up to her and grabs her shoulder and says, "Hi Harmonia!"
"AhCHkKKS!!" The princess responds her fur spikes and she is jolts in bewilderment clenching onto her fur. "YEESH! Hard ROck why did yoU dO ThatttTTT." She says still recovering from being startled. She breaths heavily still clenching onto her chest. "You are you lucky that I paid attention to who it was! I could have sent you into another dimension by accident! She says concerned while also quite annoyed. Harmonia then observes the colt who realizes and looks so very defeated, but still seems to want to talk.
"W-well, I wanted to know if you wanted to ya' know, maybe go hang out or something? I know you've been busy I really wanted to see how you were doing... only if you want to I guess..." Hard Rock says barely looking Harmonia in the eye. Despite that fact that all Harmonia wants to do is say no go away, she really can't bring herself to do it, besides the flowers he brought were quite nice.
"Sure, let's hang out but promise me one thing" Harmonia agrees.
"Surely, I'll do anything" Hard Rock says with disparity.
"Nothing too crazy alright?" the princess says with a wink.
And then they went somewhere and had fun yaaaay.
This is the basis of their relationship sorta good friends with a crush on one side.
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