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(Next Gen) Hard Rock In Depth Bio by Dansenhedgehog (Next Gen) Hard Rock In Depth Bio by Dansenhedgehog
Name: Hard Rock
Parents: Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights
Siblings: None
Nicknames: Idiot (by Octavius) Rocky (by friends and family)
Age: 11
    This kid is hardcore; his name truly reflects his personality. He embodies the definition of hardcore, he is rugged in all he does from his music to life overall he does everything with the utmost intensity. He is also comes off very intense, brash, rough, and loud. But he’s a really sweet guy; he just comes on way to strong. He also loves to do ridiculous things all the time, like cliff jumping, fighting an animal, and taking on a bull, things like that. A stunt like those previously mentioned is the reason he’s missing part of ear in the first place, and not only did he get himself hurt but his best friend Octavius hurt as well. But, due to things like this he gets inspiration from and on that same day (that he almost died) he got his cutiemark.

    His relationship is good with his parents, they love him very much and he reciprocates those feelings. His relationship with his mother is good but strained. They both share a love for music, and often they perform as a family. What makes their relationship strained is the fact that Vinyl just wants to make sure that her son just doesn’t die for Celestia’s sake. She really doesn’t like her son’s love for crazy stuff and just tries to ensure that he stays alive. But despite this they love each other very much. Similarly to the relationship with his mother it’s basically the same with his father. But unlike Vinyl, Neon has accepted the fact his son will constantly go off on do crazy things no matter how much they try to bound him to the house. So Neon tries to ensure that he gives his son the top of the line equipment to ensure he does his stunts safely, he also has given his son a book of protection and healing spells to ensure that he doesn’t die. Doing all of this stresses him out obviously, but he loves his son and they love being together.

    Hard Rock’s best friend in the entire world is Octavius Bowstrum, Octavia’s son. They have a similar dynamic to their mother’s they are total opposite but they love and understand each other almost perfectly. They often collaborate on music together and create fantastic pieces that many say you must hear to believe. Hard Rock often drags poor Octi with him on his crazy adventures, this is

    Overall Hard Rock is an intense kid who really really needs to tone it down.

Special Talent/Abilities: His talent is his namesake, the ability to create amazing Hard Rock music. He is highly proficient at all instruments from a violin to a turntable you name it he can play it. He is able to use his magic to create an amazing show.

Relationship Status: Single, but has a huge crush on his best friend.

Relationship with other characters:

Crab Apple: These two don’t really know each other at all, and Crab Apple finds him too intense. 

Harmonia: She enjoys his company when he’s not doing something stupid. She tends to stay away as she really doesn’t like the crazy stuff he tries wrangle her into doing. But Hard Rock really does like Harmonia and wishes she were more willing to go hang out with her more.

Cupcake Cannon: As their parents are business partners she is familiar with this insane colt. Similarly to Harmonia she enjoys his company as well as she likes to bake with him, as well as talk about musical inventions but she really doesn’t like his stunts.  But unlike Harmonia she has more tolerance for it and will indulge him once and a while and go hang out with him, she also has something similar to a “Pinkie Sense” and is able to sense when anyone she cares about is in trouble so she has helped him out more than once. 

Apple Leaves: If it weren’t for the fact that he has to babysit him he would stray far away from him. But his parents beg Apple Leaves to let in stay in his afterschool program type thing and his good nature takes the best of him and he caves. Apple finds him to be a sweet kid but also finds him absolutely insane and really doesn’t enjoy the stunts he pulls.

Aquamarine: Similarly to Crab Apple she stays as far away from him as possible. 

Spectrum Skies: She has banned him from a section of the sky, and she has asked her Aunt Twilight to create a counter spell to his walk on clouds spell to ensure he stays away. But Hard Rock finds her really cool and just wants to spend time with her, but after the Llama incident she won’t even try going near him.

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I'm glad you like him! I plan to release more characters soon! In the meantime you can read the other character bios :)
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