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(Next Gen) Thomas Stronghorn In Depth Bio by Dansenhedgehog (Next Gen) Thomas Stronghorn In Depth Bio by Dansenhedgehog
Name: Thomas Stronghorn Apple
Parents: Little Strongheart and Breaburn

Siblings: None
Nicknames: Stronghorn (by other buffalo), Tom (by friends and family), Applelosa’s finest (by Applelosa’s citizens)
Age: 17
    Thomas is definitely an apple to the core, and he takes the responsibility of caring for Appleoosa’s citizens very seriously. He’s a kind kid with a big heart and loves not only to help others but also put on a good show while doing so. He takes his role in the town very seriously, as he considers himself the physical representation of the town’s unity. He makes sure to respect both cultures, and ensure that they thrive, he is basically the town’s cultural expert and if you have anything to ask about pony or buffalo culture you can go to him.  He has taken it upon himself to be the town historian, and he wants to ensure all histories get written down, as to him people don’t respect culture unless it’s written down.  At times however, he spends too much time on his work and forgets to loosen up.

    His relationship with his parents is good overall, and he loves them both deeply.  Though between the two he is closer to his mother and her culture. He loves all the buffalo stories and traditions that they have. He and his mother bond over these things, but also they love to run together, work on the farm with Breaburn and they just love each other’s company. But, where they butt heads is when Tom spends too much time on work, and not on actually enjoying himself/doing other things. She just wants her son to stop staying up till two am writing and have some fun dangit. Tom and his father are also close, especially since his special talent relates to being a wrangler/rodeo kid they like to spend time practicing together, it was also on the suggestion of his father to enter the rodeo where he got his cutiemark. They work on the farm together as well, and they like doing that together. But they have tension due to the fact that Breaburn feels that his son isn’t interested in him, or the traditions he wants to teach him. Especially since he spends a lot more time with the buffalos than ponies, and when he does spend time with ponies, it mostly isn’t with him and he feels disconnected from his son’s life. He even tries to help him with his research but he insists on doing it by himself. Little Strongheart feels her husbands’ pain and just wants her son to get out of his obliviousness bubble.

    Despite all of this he’s an ambitious kid who had big dreams and an even bigger heart.

Special Talent/Abilities: He has the agility and durability of a Buffalo, and he is one of the best wranglers/cowponies you could ever imagine. He is also a good communicator, and is often used to diffuse conflicts between groups.
Relationship Status: Single, and currently to preoccupied to mingle.

Relationship with other characters:
Apple Leaves: These two apple cousins love each other very much, and are very close to each other. As Tom is older than Apple Leaves he feels like an older brother to him, despite the fact that Apple Leaves is basically twice his size. Apple Leaves visits often, and they love to do bro stuff as well as play board games, run, and have Tom prod him about his girlfriend. Apple Leaves like Tom’s parents try to get him to take a break and have fun.


Crab Apple: These two are cousins to the core, and they spend time together often, now more than before due to the creation of the hybrid support group he is in Ponyville more often. They play games, race and have deep conversations. One topic is about Crab Apple’s crush on Aquamarine. As he knows both of them well, he knows they both like each other and he just wants him to ask her out dammit so he can have her become his cousin in law already.


Aquamarine: They recently became close due to the hybrid support group Prince Midnight created, and every second Friday of the month they meet in one of the homes of the kids and talk about the trials and tribulations of being a hybrid. Tom really enjoys her company and finds the dorky dragon kid charming and a total sweetheart. Aqua reciprocates his feelings, and she also loves that he is also a writer. Though just like Crab Apple, he knows she likes him and just wants her to ask him out already dammit.


Harmonia: They recently became friends due to the hybrid support group. They both have a similar sense of humor, and they relate over having large responsibility, Harmonia as being a princess to Equestria and to Tom being the son of the Tribe Chieftain. They talk about that alot, and they also like to write jokes together and hang out.


Spectrum Skies: Tom doesn’t know her very well, and they haven’t interacted much, but from what Aqua tells her they would get along.

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